szoro kft fejléc


Szóró Kft is a 100 % Hungarian family owned company. The activity of our foundry started about 30 years ago as a private firm; and we are a Limited Company since 1998. Our main profile is aluminium pressure and gravity die-casting, and we also manufacture and service the casting dies needed for production.

Our company is located at Sülysáp, about 40 km East of Budapest. The main geographical territory of our markets is Pest County, where we are located, plus some neighbouring Counties and the eastern part of Hungary. We also export a significant quantity of our products, with Germany being our main customer, but additionally we have buyers in Austria, France, Switzerland and the U.K. In recent years – as a result of the innovations at our company – we produce aluminium castings to meet high technical and aesthetic requirements. To assure our domestic and foreign buyers of a consistent level of quality, we have been operating the ISO 9001 Quality Control System since the year 2002 and the ISO 14001 Environmental System since the year 2007.

We would be pleased to welcome you personally at our plant.

We welcome any further questions which may arise on your side.