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Quality and Environment Management

The keystone of our company policy is the international certified Quality and Environment Management System.
We have ISO 9001:2001 certification since the year 2002 and ISO 14001:2005 certification since the year 2007, both audited by EUROCERT Kft.
We developed and use our general documentation system according to the requirements of the above standards.

Everything that we do in the interests of quality and environment protection is also the basis for our operation, development and competitiveness. With the successful operation of the quality and environment management system we aim to achieve customer satisfaction and to enter new market-sectors.

Our intention is to increase the confidence of our partners and to form connections with new customers.
We continuously analyse the satisfaction of our customers, and this is an important basis for the development of our activities.

The realisation of the targeted quality expectations is the essential task of all our workers.

Our corporate mission is that all employees of the company are inspired to prevent environmental pollution, to avoid release of harmful substances, and to reduce negative effects on the environment. Our environmental performance is under continuous development, and in all our business decisions we consider our commitment to the protection of our environment.

Quality and Environment Policy   ISO certifications