szoro kft fejléc




Szóró Ltd’s activities comprise the gravity and high pressure die-casting of aluminium alloys and the related activities of die manufacture and machining of castings.

The company management has undertaken to introduce the comprehensive quality control and environment protection standards MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005, their independent inspection, and continuous development based on the results of the quality and environment control system.

Everything which we do in the interests of quality control and environmental protection is the basis of our operation, development and competitiveness. In this way, we ensure the trust of our Customers, which it is our intention to keep and continuously increase. All aspects of the quality of our products must conform to our internal regulations as well as to Hungarian legal requirements in the case of national sales and to the legal requirements of the country of destination in the case of export sales. Our company wishes to meet your high quality expectations. We implement continuous in-house inspection and independent quality control of the predetermined steps in the production process, from bought-in raw materials to the final product despatched to the Customer.

We endeavour to avoid pollution of the environment, to prevent release of harmful substances into the environment, to reduce negative effects on the environment, and to continuously develop our environmental performance. All our business decisions take into consideration our obligations in respect of the protection of the environment. All waste is handled in accordance with legal requirements and is stored selectively. We strive to reduce the quantity of waste.

We give top priority to the observation of the laws relating to the protection of the environment as well as those relating to the regulations of the authorities. We work together with our interested partners, and we acquaint all those working in the interests of our Company with our quality control and environmental protection aims and aspirations. We make our quality and environment policy available to our Customers, business partners, relevant authorities and any interested parties.

The Company management’s philosophy is to provide suitable skilled training and equipment, suitable working conditions, and above all the necessary environment for the competent and conscientious performance our work.

Through the systematical and professional application of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, the management of Szóró Ltd ensures that the relevant technical and administrative inspections work in the interests of the realisation of the quality and environment policy.